York Region – Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)

Transnomis Advanced Traffic Management System

York Region construction view
Screenshot from a Transnomis map display of construction projects in York Region. A table of projects is displayed on the left. Affected roads are highlighted in blue on the map.

In 2012, the Traffic Engineering and Intelligent Transportation Systems department of York Region purchased Transnomis software as their advanced traffic management system. Transnomis software was the predecessor to ITS Central (formerly Mirasan). York Region has a fleet of 8 trailer mounted electronic signs, and Transnomis was used to track their locations and remotely control the messages displayed on the signs.

York Region also used Transnomis to keep track of their large number of road closures, accidents, and construction projects.

Mirasan Advanced Traffic Management System

York Region's dynamic signs
Display of York Region’s message signs. Details for one sign are shown in the bottom right.

In 2013, York Region upgraded its installation of Transnomis to ITS Central, which leverages the most up-to-date web technologies such as HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC. Included with the upgrade is the inclusion of many open data sources (a large subset of those listed above for MTO’s TDIS), and the integration of data from private systems such as:

  • CTCS Traffic Signal System
  • Traffic Operations (TOPS) database
  • Crowd sourced traffic data and issues from GreenOwl
  • Feeding of traffic issues to GreenOwl to provide traveller information to its mobile app users
York Region VMS display
ITS Central showing the status of a York Region sign