Road Permitting: A Digital Approach

Road Permitting: A Digital Approach


The Problem

Hundreds of thousands of road permits are issued by municipalities every year. These permits require significant work from both applicants and the authorities who review them, with workers still required to use paper forms, fax machines, and inflexible business processes. With increasing pressure to create efficient workflows, how can a municipality upgrade their permitting process while keeping pace with the needs of a digital-first future?

Our Solution

Our road permitting solution was developed with a best-practices-first approach alongside Ontario municipalities and road authorities. These evergreen best practices include common application forms, certificates, and business processes, many of which are shared across dozens of participating jurisdictions. By leveraging these ready-made, stakeholder-led practices, it’s easy to transform the way your organization deals with permits.


Every Permit. One Solution.

Our permit solution is a digital-first system that supports a huge range of permit types, including:

  • Road Entrance
  • Municipal Consent
  • Event in Right-of-Way (including filming)
  • Work in Right-of-Way
  • Oversize/Overweight Load (Single Trip or Annual)
  • Private Sign in Right-of-Way
  • Private Sign Adjacent to Right-of-Way


Central Online Portal

A dashboard collects and displays all your permit information. Track application statuses, check a queue for review, or send a document to a colleague for consultation.

Multiple Roles and Jurisdictions

One site provides access to every supported jurisdiction. Log in under every road authority you have access to, with customizable roles for each.

Cloud Hosting

Your data is secure and accessible 24/7 with top-shelf cloud hosting. Offer increased efficiency and peace-of-mind to applicants, who can access their applications at any time.


For Road Authorities

  • Route and Location Maps. Use Ontario Road Network data to attach full route maps to a permit certificate. Share the maps with other stakeholders and get everyone on the same page.
  • One-Click Consultations. Consult other staff, departments, and road authorities with a single click. Those invited to consult can share files, comments, and sign off on cross-jurisdiction permits.
  • Linked Permits. Connect permits across larger projects, allowing utilities to see what permits their subcontractors are using to get the job done.
  • Payment Facilitation. Accept digital payments and process the whole transaction online. We offer made-to-order payment integrations and a variety of options to customize the experience for your applicants.

For Permit Applicants

  • Map Your Route. Generate custom route maps with every permit. Avoid potential travel conflicts with a preview of all road closures and events that might affect your trip.
  • Streamlined Applications. Use the same application form with each road authority. Reduce your paperwork and overhead with a streamlined system that allows you to apply for multi-jurisdictional permits with the click of a button.
  • Minor Amendments. Update your permits in seconds without needing manual approval for minor changes, then print your new amended certificates on the spot.
  • Single Application for Multiple Loads. Make one application for multiple loads, instead of one application per load. Save even more time with reusable applications and a lightning-fast digital interface.