municipal511 map showing road information including maintenance, water on road, and other issues


Municipal511 has changed the way road information is managed and communicated forever!

To see its influence, take a look at the Municipal511 public website. You will see road information from towns, townships, cities, counties, regions and provinces on the same map. Nearly everything you see is available to the consumer and commercial navigation applications used by your emergency responders, citizens, bus companies, industry, utilities, and autonomous vehicles. The map can also be embedded in your municipal website, centered and zoomed to your municipality!

Behind the scenes, is a public safety common operation picture that supports emergency response and management during major incidents and events. When needed, emergency managers and responders have leveraged the public map to communicate flood zones, sandbag operations, fires, and shelters. These services were previously sold separately as Responder511*.


Municipal511 is a comprehensive map-based road information management and communications service, that also supports emergency response and management. The web app works in mobile, tablet, desktop and display walls, without having to install software.

Communications channels include a client map, public map (, push email notification, and data feeds to navigation and responder applications. The emails include links to the maps, and a mapped image of the issue location. System users can communicate through all of the above, from the side of the road, in seconds, often without typing.

Road issues include emergency road closures, current and future construction events, special events, load restrictions, truck routes, winter road conditions and significant weather events. Road issues can include the location of the event, the impact of the event (e.g. road closed – no emergency access, alternating traffic), detour route(s), sidewalk and bike lane closures, etc.

Public safety use cases include emergency access points, incident and event management, persistent hazards, permitted burning, and exercising. The public website has been used to communicate incident and response information (e.g. flooded areas, fire bans, sandbag filling station locations).

Municipal511 can be personalized with the addition of restricted access map layers, data integrations, online permits and variable message sign services.

If you already have a system that does this, you may be interested in our Road Information Exchange offering.

Key Outcomes

  1. Time saved communicating and mapping road issue and event information.
  2. Faster emergency response times.
  3. Shared situational awareness.
  4. Reduced road work and event conflicts.
  5. Reduced infrastructure damage.
  6. Public and industry satisfaction viewing road information from all levels of government in one place, and in popular navigation applications.

Visual Presentation


Road issues are presented on the map with an icon that reflects the roadwork, incident, condition, etc. type. Clients are encouraged to add additional attributes to their road issues, which are presented as secondary icons. E.g. “Road Closed – No Emergency Access” will display a red road closure sub-icon. Road issues posted for the future include a sub-icon that indicates it is in the future.

The public map at presents future issues for the 7 days in advance of the start time. Within the client application, future issues can be turned on and off. The latest issues can be highlighted.

Road issues can be posted with multiple road segments. Detour routes may be added to an issue, and will be displayed with a detour icon. Unmaintained winter roads, and spring load restrictions, can be posted for multiple roads as one issue, months in advance.

Road segments display as lines, and Municipal511 features a follow the road mapping feature. Simply click at the start and end of a road segment, and the line will be created along the road. Additionally, Municipal511 will automatically describe the location or segment (e.g. White Lake Road 22m Northeast of Green Meadow Road), or you have the opportunity to override the description. Polyline and polygons are also supported.


If a county or regional government purchases Municipal511, all municipalities within the population paid for are given access without additional fee. This unique pricing model aligns with Transnomis’ goal of mapping all road obstructions for emergency responders, and connecting responders with a common operating picture that is used during crisis (because it is used every day).

Key Points

  • For mapping, managing and communicating road issues; including roadwork, incidents, events, conditions, restrictions and cautions.
  • Common operating picture for emergency response and management.
  • Includes two-way integration options, and can be integrated with third party applications, e.g. Interdev CADlink.
  • Hosted web service that works in all modern internet enabled devices, without installing, managing or maintaining software.
  • Issues posted for public viewing are presented at , which can be embedded in client’s website.
  • Public road information is shared with leading navigation applications.
  • Email notification to distribution lists.
  • Add-on options include paperless permits, remote variable message sign control, and private map layers.
  • Priced per population, and when purchased by upper tier, lower and single tier municipalities serving the same population are eligible for service as well.

Add-ons, Options

There are numerous options to scale the Municipal511 service. They include the following:

  • Paperless, remote worker friendly, Municipal511 Permit Add-on.
  • Private custom mapped data layer(s).
  • Fax and SMS push notification services.
  • Remote variable message sign control.
  • Asset monitoring and visualization.

* Responder511 was merged with Municipal511 July 1 2019, because the two services were almost always purchased together, and those with both services were receiving the greatest value.