Municipal511 Permit

Municipal511 Permit

The Municipal511 Permit add-on is a paperless, remote, and worker- and applicant-friendly web service application.

Municipal511 Permit includes a collection of the most common road permit types. They are easily enabled/disabled and are customizable.

Applicants register for the service, and their contact information is automatically populated in all of their applications. Applicants have the ability to save their drafts and return to complete them at a later time.

Many common processes are automated to save time, including: submission confirmations to the applicant; staff notices of permit arrival, email compositions during the approval process; and permit certificate creation. Email templates are easily modified.

Integration with Municipal511 presents applicants with a map view of local, regional and provincial road projects, truck routes, and restrictions and cautions that may impact (or be impacted by) the requested permit. Permit approvers may also see other approved and requested permits in a private Municipal511 Permit layer included with this service.

Approvals of specific permit types are limited to specific staff. During the permit review stage, staff may assign the permit application to other staff. They may also add in additional approvers (e.g., other departments).

Similar to Municipal511, Municipal511 Permit supports regional use cases. During permit approval, approval requests may be made from within the application to other municipalities (e.g., a county may request approval from township(s) for an oversize load that travels on township roads). Additionally, the private permit layer in Municipal511 may be shared with other Municipal511 user accounts.

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