Metrolinx Eglinton Crosstown LRT Smart Work Zone

ECLRT Remote Warning and Guidance
Methodology used for the ECLRT Remote Warning and Guidance System

Transnomis Solutions has been commissioned by Metrolinx, through the tunneling contractor and signage contractor, to provide a hosted solution for portable variable message sign (PVMS) management and an automated travel time display service. Mirasan provides an innovative, sensorless solution that is very cost-effective and accurate. It also provides the diagnostic tools the signage contractor needs to maintain its fleet of PVMSs on the road.

The innovative solution Mirasan provides involves combining GPS data published by TTC Open Data and data from a third party provider (primarily as a backup). The GPS readings from the buses (updated every 30 seconds) are mined and converted into speeds on individual segments of the roads on the map. Travel times are then calculated based on the segment speeds. Testing has shown that this methodology produces result that is better than 80% accurate, over 80% of the time.

A list of signs
A list of signs deployed for the ECLRT Remote Warning and Guidance System
Travel time on Eglinton
Travel time on Eglinton from Black Creek to Allen. Derived from TTC bus GPS data