Durham Region Deployment

In 2015, the Region of Durham awarded Transnomis Solutions a contract to provide the Region with its Roadway Event Management System (REMS).

After an in-depth Request for Proposal (RFP) and selection process, the Region of Durham selected Transnomis Solutions for its Roadway Event Management System (REMS) in 2015, despite being the smallest company submitting a bid. Contract between Durham and Transnomis was signed on May 1, 2015. Transnomis deployed the REMS in time for a training session on June 12, 2015 – 4 weeks before the Pan Am Games started. Transnomis’ quick deployment of REMS helped the Region manage traffic better for the Pan Am Games.

The primary purpose of REMS is to provide the Region an efficient and intuitive interface to plan, coordinate and manage its road work across the Region. It also integrates with cameras, PVMS, road surface sensors, and relevant open data sources, to bring situational awareness into the control room.

Transnomis Solutions also built a public-facing traveler information web page for the Region called Durham TrafficWatch. It acts as a public bulletin for road closures using information derived from REMS, which is an internally deployed application.

As part of the REMS project, Transnomis Solutions has deployed a public-facing web-based permit application. It adds support for custom forms, customizable permit types and approval work flow process. It transforms a paper-based process into a paper-less process, making it easy for staff to track the status of the individual permit.

  • 2 PVMS under management
  • Track and publish road work information
  • Integration with pavement condition sensor to warn drivers of slippery road conditions
REMS Architecture
REMS Architecture