New road-closure notification system could save lives

A new Perth County pilot road-closure notification project could save your life.

Perth County, along with its lower tiers – North Perth, Perth East, Perth South and West Perth – and partner municipality St. Marys, is set to begin a one-year trial of an innovative new road-closure notification system. This interactive map-based approach will provide the county’s first responders with a real-time display of closures and delays on area roads, helping reduce response times to collisions, fires and other life-threatening incidents.

The quality of the provided information will help paramedics, firefighters and police pinpoint the exact locations and details of these closures, helping them plan the most efficient routes to their destinations. Those extra minutes could potentially save a life in some of the more critical situations.

“It’s much clearer information for our first responders,” Dave Colvin, the county’s emergency management co-ordinator, said.

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