(Research Paper) Development of mobile device-based surrogate systems for connected and autonomous vehicles technologies

Connected and autonomous vehicle technologies have great potential, but the cost of setting up field tests with original equipment can be high. We develop a suite of Android-based mobile apps and server-side programs on the Web to work together to mimic the computing and communications technologies behind some features of connected and autonomous vehicles. We deploy server side programs on the web server of a transportation analytics company in Toronto, ON, and develop Android-based mobile apps on Google Nexus 7 tablets, which serve as “surrogate systems” to enable users to inexpensively and safely collect travel data for performance measurement. As part of the project we designed and developed a travel prediction model and designed the framework for a cooperative route guidance system. The “surrogate systems” provides industry partner Transnomis with tools to expand their market offerings by allowing them to conduct “in situ” tests on the field in an inexpensive and safe manner for the public, and thus meet the challenge of emerging connected and autonomous vehicle technologies.

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